Kapok Throw Pillows

Kapok Throw Pillows with removable cover.

Customize your pillows color and design from our Fabrics List. For all avaliable fabrics see our fabrics tab. (Prices may vary for fabrics)
Please note, custom orders may take 7-10 business days for processing.

12x16" - $35
12x18" - $42
12x20" - $46
12x22" - $55

Shipping Weight:

16" & 18" - 10lbs
20" & 22" - 12lbs

A natural fiber that offers much more support than down or feathers. Our Kapok pillows are designed to contour to the individual curvature. The free floating kapok fibers can be shaped to create the support for back, neck or even seating for meditation.

Kapok Throw Pillows
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Price $35.00

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